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Starting Out

After installing and configuring SnackAmp per the readme file, you are ready to use it. To play tracks, you need to work with the playlist. You can expand the playlist by pressing the small arrow  shown here . There are a number of ways to add tracks to the playlist.

Once you have tracks in the playlist, you can play them by double-clicking one, pressing the play button or use the right mouse button menu Play selection. By default, tracks will play in the order shown in the playlist, and repeat at the top when the last track is complete. You can change the play behavior from the Settings form Play Settings tab to play the track once, repeat play of track or play each track in order. You may also sort or shuffle the playlist.

The player controls work as expected. The horizontal slider on the right controls the volume and the horizontal slider under the track info shows/changes the play location within the track. You can adjust either slider using the mouse drag or mouse wheel.

The button is used for sorting/shuffling the playlist and setting additional sorting/shuffling options.

The icon launches the AutoPlaylist user interface which is used to manage your media collection and create AutoPlaylists.

The icon allows you to set the track rating (which can also be done by selecting a menu choice when clicking the displayed track rating)

The icon toggles the display of Album Art that may exist in the folder containing the playing track.

Online Help

You may launch online help or the readme file from SnackAmp using your local browser.

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