Play Lists

The play list window is expanded by pressing the right facing arrow near the bottom of the collapsed SnackAmp player. The Playlist contains a list of all the tracks either added by playlist files, AutoPlaylists, drag-n-drop, or added by a filter operation. The currently playing track will be shown in reverse video. You may sort and/or shuffle in a number of ways by selecting the button or menu selection. You can move songs up and down the list using a click and drag method with the mouse, or highlighting one or more songs and using the Control-Up/Down keys to move them in the order. You may remove or add to the play list using the right mouse button menu options and optionally on Windows, double click or drag a a track from Explorer to insert that file (see settings to associate file types with SnackAmp). If you either remove a file that is playing or delete it from the main play list, the next song will be played. You can also drag tracks from the playlist to other applications using Drag-N-Drop methods.

f you want to have your play list and current file restored the next time you launch SnackAmp, set the Restore Prior Play list option on. Otherwise, your last Auto play list file will take precedence.


Play List Filter/Search Bar

The play list filter bar allows you to modify the playlist or find files within the overall play list and media catalog. Prior search strings can be recalled via the combo box. You also have additional options to append/replace the play list by filtering on all files, AutoPlaylist files or from those in the current play list from the arrow to the right. The two buttons on the right allow searching the playlist and media library respectively. The table below summarizes the differences in searching between the playlist and media catalog.

Searching Playlist
  • A wildcard '*' can be placed within the string to match anything
  • A character class in brackets (e.g. [0-9] to match any single digit) can be used.
  • Separate search strings by 'or' to match any one of them. e.g. small or big
  • Only file names are used to search
Searching Media Catalog
  • A wildcard '*' can be placed within the string to match anything
  • Upper or lowercase search strings do not matter
  • All of the common fields are searched for a string (File, Title, Artist, Album and Composer)

Play List Files

Snack supports standard playlists, and will save and read the .m3u format playlists used by other players. You may save one or more selected files to a playlist from either the main playlist window or the AutoPlaylist track selection. You have the choice of creating/overwriting an existing playlist file or append to a playlist file. The image below shows some of the options available from the Right-Mouse-Button menu on selected tracks.

When reading playlist files, you have the choice of replacing the current playlist, appending to the current playlist or inserting at the cursor position. These options provide you the maximum flexibility using standard playlists.

When reading a playlist, each file will be validated for existence, if it not longer exists you will be notified.

Play List Sorting

See playlist settings.

Native Drag-N-Drop

See Drag-N-Drop for native support of Drag-N-Drop operations.