Managing Files with the Auto Playlist Manager

SnackAmp provides a powerful file manager to allow you to modify and move around your files, and immediately update the database to reflect the changes. You can also modify the attributes of your files, including ID3 tags. The file manager is integrated into the AutoPlaylist manager. 

The AutoPlaylist in table mode works very much like a graphical file manager or enhanced media managers. allowing you to drag/drop and copy/paste folders or files to organize your collection, select files and folders to playing and lauch ID3 tag editors on the files. Moving a folder to set of files will automatically update all references to those files, even if they are in the active playlist. You can even relocate a track while it is playing!

There are a number of functions you can perform on either the selected folder or selected files using the right mouse button menu. From the folder tree you can:

From the file list you can:

If you add, remove or rename the folders containing your music from outside SnackAmp, you first have to re-catalog your collection. If you know the affected folders, you can catalog just those. You may then have to re-enable the desired folders from the Auto- play list manager. By default, newly detected folders will assume the state of their parent folder.

In the Table view, you can alter the columns shown under the Auto Playlist tab of the settings form. In addition you can alter some other look & feel settings for the Auto Playlist.

You can move and organize files using the following methods:

See Drag-N-Drop for native support of Drag-N-Drop operations.