Attached Media

SnackAmp supports attached media players that mount as external hard drives. SnackAmp can index these drives and allow you to easily copy tracks over to the player and create playlists easily. Additional support for Rockbox replaygain tags for mp3 files is included.

Mounting an Attached Player

First attach the player via USB and ensure you have a connection to it. From the File menu select the Manage Portable Player Library and press the Add Folder button. Select the folder representing the root of the music collection of the devices, typically the root of the device itself. You can assign a drive letter with windows to make this easier. To force the drive letter to always be the same, assign it a fixed letter from the windows control panel computer management Storage Disk Management window.

Once a folder is assigned you can index the drive (Index Folder) to find any existing tracks. These tracks (or any you add) will show up under the Attached Folders tree on the AutoPlaylist manager window.

Coping Tracks to an Attached Player

From the Playlist

Right Mouse Button-> Playlist Tracks -> Copy Selected to Media Player

Will copy the highlighted tracks to the selected media player in the menu. The first time you copy tracks to the media player you will be asked to copy as Artist->Album->Track or maintain the folder hierarchy from the source folder. Some mp3 players do not support multiple nested folders, so using the Artist->Album->Track method may be required. The method you use will be maintained once you select it. To reset the method you will have to remove then recreate the media folder.

From the AutoPlaylist Folder Tree

Right Mouse Button -> Viewed Tracks -> Copy Selected to Media Player

Will copy the viewed tracks under the highlighted folder to the media player as described above. All folder levels viewed in the track list will be copied.

From the AutoPlaylist Track Listing

Right Mouse Button -> Copy Selected to Media Player

Will copy the selected tracks in the track list the media player as described above.

Removing Tracks from an Attached Player

Removing tracks from the Attached Player works the same as removing tracks from the fixed folders.

Creating Playlists on an Attached Player

From the Playlist

Right Mouse Button -> Playlist Tracks -> Save Selected...

Will save highlighted or all tracks to a playlist file you specify. Only those files accessible from the selected folder will be saved to that folder. This method only works if you have tracks originating from the attached player in the playlist.

From the AutoPlaylist Folder Tree

Right Mouse Button -> Playlist -> Export Playlist from AutoPlaylist

Will create a playlist under the associated media player folder for the tracks under the highlighted folder that have checked nodes. Make sure you only do this for attached folders.

From the Media Library Manager for portable devices

APL -> Playlists button

Will take each track contained in an AutoPlaylist within the highlighted base media folder and create a playlist based on the current sorting settings. This is useful for creating a complete new set of playlist when add/remove tracks from the portable media device. This is what I use the most. I create various AutoPlaylist entries for tracks on the attached player. I think use this command to create play lists in the root folder of the attached media player that contain the tracks in my AutoPlaylist. This works perfect for players that support large play lists, such as RockBox players.

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